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European based site dedicated to precious metals such as gold mining stocks, gold stocks to buy, as well as the best Canadian gold stocks, notwithstanding energy and other natural resource listed stocks, and presents the current events of these sectors through various resources such as a press review, articles and editorials, resource sector news and press releases, intraday and historical charts.

Focuses on the small-cap / penny stock market. Provide investors in Canada and the US with informative and unique content and information.

Singapore based bullion dealer providing bullion storage facilities and purchasing services.

Subscription based service providing detailed research statistics and reports on insider trading activity of Canadian listed companies.

Daily Reckoning
Author and gold commentator Jim Rickards provides literary economic perspective, global market analysis, and contrarian investment ideas.

Covering the ongoing destruction of the global financial system and offering some updated strategies for profiting from it.

Financial Sense
Provides educational resources to the broad public audience through editorials, current news and resource links on financial market issues.

Free Gold Money Report
Investment newsletter focusing primarily on precious metals and national currencies.

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was organized in the fall of 1998 to expose, oppose, and litigate against collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial instruments. The committee arose from essays by Bill Murphy, a financial commentator on the Internet (LeMetropoleCafe.com), and by Chris Powell, a newspaper editor in Connecticut.

Gold Core
International bullion dealers who are experts in the execution and logistics of the highly specialised precious metals market, providing precious metal investment solutions for an International client.

Gold Eagle
Since 1997 Gold-Eagle.com has been a leading research destination for investing insights and commentary on gold, precious metals, and the economy in general. In fact, Gold-Eagle is one of the first precious metal informational websites on the internet. Gold-Eagle continues to provide the latest gold market technical analysis, gold forecasts, and commentary from the world's leading analysts and writers.

Gold is Money
Discussion forum on Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks, Charting and Precious Metals it's history. Providing industry articles, precious metals and mining stock reports.

Gold Review
Gold stocks, silver stocks, uranium stocks, molybdenum stocks, best copper stocks and precious metals stock news for free.

Gold Speculator
Offers news, market reports, charts, forums and gold infromation.

Track the world's major stock exchanges and currencies in terms of a single currency, using the gold ounce as unit-of-account.

A website featuring the latest news on gold market, provide numerous links and resources relating to market information as well.

Featuring current gold , live gold price charts in ounces, grams and kilos in 30 major currencies plus advice and provide daily gold commentary.

Website containing information on gold related companies e. gold stocks, best copper stocks, gold mining stocks, silver stock, editorials and a weekly radio show.

Specializes in the instruction of precious metals investing and providing world-class gold and silver dealer services.

A source for general market commentary on worldwide equity markets, mining sector, natural resources, real estate and others.

Investment Rarities Incorporated
A precious metals company dealing in gold, silver, coins and bullion.

Jim Sinclair Mineset
Blog/forum on precious metals and gold mining founded by Jim Sinclair, renowned gold investor/commentator.

Kings world news
A web portal that produces radio-like interviews and information about financial topics, especially the precious metals markets.

Kitco is a combination of an online precious metals store, live spot prices, expert market commentaries, up-to-the-minute news and usable market information. Kitco posts several video and written interviews from various resource conferences worldwide on gold mining and gold stocks to buy, energy and resource sectors.

Longwave Group
Assisting in the financing of select precious metal companies, offers speaking publications and general consulting.

Market Watch
A financial service website providing general market and business news, financial information and commentary for investors on international markets.

Miles Franklin
Gold and silver coin company that provides a creative strategy for diversifying one's assets with precious metals, also features up-to-date precious metal prices charts

Web-based international mining publication focusing on providing updated and breaking news covering corporate, financial and operational developments in mining all around the world and in all sectors of the industry.

Focus on producing high quality news reports and commentary with the best African mining investment news for international readers.

Northwest Territorial Mint
One of the largest consumers of silver. A full service mint, a precious metals dealer, and a minted products retailer that mints coins and medallions for governments and corporations worldwide.

Provide latest news of gold and silver market.

Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
The association represents itself as serving the interests of the Canadian mineral exploration and development industry by offering activities and services focusing on advocacy, information and networking. They also organize one of the largest mining conferences and gatherings of the best Canadian gold stocks or international mining stocks, producers and explorers in Toronto with average attendance totalling 30,000.

The investment adviser to the Prudent Bear Mutual Funds, also features news regarding the economy market, stocks, and the fluctuation of dollar

Free service for the global community of individual and institutional investors, financial and mining professionals.

Provide ideas and information on monetary science and economics that helps you to get in the right place for your investment.

Run by Nick Laird, gold commentator, information concerning all aspects of the precious metals & gold markets, a wealth of resources concerning global economic markets.

Silver Institute
A non-profit international association of Silver miners, silver stock, refiners, fabricators, and manufacturers that serves as the industry's voice in increasing public understanding of the many uses and values of silver.

Run by renowned author and Silver bug, David Morgan dedicated to educating investors on the Silver metal, silver stock and on the silver market.

Silver news, silver prices, charts, quotes, markets, reports, commentary, newsletters, stocks, quotes, forums and more silver information.

A website based on an interactive stock chart tool to help online investors obtain and use financial information to create financial stock charts. Free charts available, more advanced charts require membership.

The Gold Report (A Street Wise Report)
Provide a clear picture of the causes of macro-economic shifts and the strategies through expert's interview, summaries from the latest research and news.

The Gold Standard Now
Provides information regarding gold currency.

The Korelin Economics Report
Daily and weekly radio show covering macroeconomics and politics with a focus on small-cap resource companies.

The Northern Miner
The Northern Miner is a one-of-a-kind information resource. With over 100 years of experience serving the mining and exploration industry, reporting on several topics including the best Canadian gold stocks, crucial reports by The Northern Miner writing staff inform the decision-making process of thousands of high-performing mining professionals. How does a 100 year old publication manage to consistently set itself apart from other publications serving the industry? In the case of The Northern Miner, the difference is the first-hand, on-site reporting. The Northern Miner is the only publication that sends reporters to visit worldwide mining projects and record their findings for our readers. These seasoned journalists specialize in mining and exploration and are able to analyze the merits of any project concisely and accurately. As an independent, fully paid news source, The Northern Miner maintains a commitment to objective reporting not influenced by any external interests. Whether in print, web or email format, readers of The Northern Miner can be confident that the exclusive information they’re enjoying has been collected, verified and prioritized with their best business interests in mind.

Trader Dan's Market Views
Provide a trader's insight and commentary on the day's price action, weekly metal market news and insghts.


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