Our ESG initiatives focus on all aspects of exploration.  In the video below, you will learn about our continued social and environmental initiatives at our Alamos Silver project in Sonora, Mexico.  A local environmental community group conducted baseline studies on bat populations in relation to exploration activities, and provided an education forum to the local community

Click the video below to learn more.

Minaurum and it's community partners were proud to sponsor a recent cultural musical event in the City of Alamos performed by The Music Band of the University of Sonora for the local communities to enjoy. This is one of many big cultural events for all communities.

Environmental Statement

Minaurum conducts its exploration programs using industry-leading environmental standards that exceed local and international requirements.  Minaurum:

  • Consults and communicates transparently with local communities, regulatory and governmental authorities and other stakeholders relating to environmental management practices
  • Protects and minimizes water use, recycles and reuses water
  • Committed to efficient use of resources and minimizing wastage
  • Reviews and improve environmental management practices and performance
  • Minimizes its environmental footprint

Social Statement

Minaurum provides employment, procures supplies locally and offers training/educational opportunities to elevate the standard of living within the communities it operates in. Minaurum:

  • Provides training and education to its workers
  • Assists in creating sustainable economic growth via providing ongoing local employment
  • Actively advances infrastructure development for the local community
  • Provided food and potable water during the COVID pandemic
  • Ensures that its exploration efforts operate with strict safety and health protocols to promote a healthy and sustainable community
  • Respects the rights of the local communities it operates in

Governance Statement

Minaurum encourages high standards of conduct and communication between its local representatives and stakeholders including contractors and local communities. 

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